Architectural Services

MHE Engineering is able to provide a full range of architectural services including building design and planning, as well as, all analysis, data gathering and other tasks necessary to develop a design and produce a coordinated set of construction documents for construction. We are also capable of providing thorough construction phase services to cover a project successfully through to completion and occupancy.

Feasibility Studies A feasibility study is an in-depth analysis of a building with a specific goal. It involves reviewing any number of the following items that may be pertinent to a building and/or site to investigate whether or not a proposed project can be completed: the building structure, the site, mechanical system, plumbing system, electrical system, fire protection system, building code compliance, energy code compliance and local zoning ordinance compliance. All of these items are reviewed relative to existing conditions and how they may impact a proposed change to the use of a structure or site. As appropriate, the cost of any proposed changes, upgrades, or renovations is also considered and a preliminary rough estimate is prepared.

Production of Construction Documents & Specifications Construction documents and specifications include the architectural construction drawings and the project manual for bidding. The project manual consists of all of necessary requirements that the individual bidders must follow for bid submission as well as the rules, regulations and guidelines that the successful bidders must adhere to during construction. The construction drawings delineate, dimension and annotate all items to be provided, built, manufactured, fabricated, installed and otherwise fashioned as required to build the depicted.

Bid Phase Services During the bidding phase of a project, a pre-bid meeting is held, and questions submitted in the form of an RFI (Request For Information) are addressed. As necessary, answers in the form addenda to the project documents are issued to clarify items in the drawings and specifications.  After bids are received, all of the bid documents are reviewed, including non-collusion affidavits, bid bonds, etc., to verify that they are complete as per the instructions to bidders. The low bidder is contacted to verify that they are comfortable with their bid, that they didn’t miss anything on the documents and that they included all addenda.  All references are checked for the apparent low bidder to confirm their listed qualifications. Finally, the contracts are prepared for signing between the owner and the contractors.

Construction Phase Administration Services Beginning with a preconstruction meeting, MHE works on behalf of the client to confirm that the contractor is following the drawings and specifications for all procedures, installation methods, materials used codes, rules and regulations. This involves holding regularly scheduled construction progress meetings, receiving, reviewing and processing required material submittals, reviewing and processing payment applications and reviewing the contractor’s construction schedule.  This also involves scrutinizing all necessary aspects of the work of the contractors for compliance to all necessary standards of workmanship, as well as conformance to codes, rules and regulations. As work progresses toward completion, the workmanship is reviewed in detail, deficiency lists are issued and final close-out documents are received and reviewed.

Architectural Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Sketches
  • Design Competition Proposals
  • Preliminary Design Drawings
  • Interior Renderings
  • Exterior Renderings
  • Design Development Drawings
  • 3-D Spatial Analysis using Revit software
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Energy Code Analysis
  • Cost Estimates for Budget Purposes
  • Production of Construction Drawings & Specifications
  • Bid Phase Services
  • Construction Administration Services

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