Butterhill Water System

New Windsor, NY

Project Details

Client: Town of New Windsor, NY

The Town of New Windsor has been working the New York City Department of Environmental Protection over the past several years to develop a new water supply for the Town of New Windsor to reduce the Town’s reliance on securing its drinking water supply from the DEP’s Catskill Aqueduct.   The DEP’s plan to rehabilitate portions of the Delaware and Catskill Aqueducts require Inter-municipal Water Agreements and development of new water supplies to allow uninterrupted water supply to the New Windsor community.  To this end, the Town has entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with NYCDEP for the development of a new groundwater supply for the Town.  This IGA provides certain funding opportunities for the Town from NYCDEP, but also dictates a project schedule that will facilitate the proposed aqueduct shutdowns.  The project scope contemplated through this agreement includes the development of three new groundwater supplies with a permitted taking of approximately 6.4 MGD (million gallons per day) and associated water system improvements to serve finished water to the Town Water District.  These improvements generally include the following


  • Construction of three well house buildings of which each include site improvements, building construction (approximate size 22×30); process piping and equipment, new primary electrical service, electrical distribution, controls, instrumentation, standby power, HVAC, etc.


  • Construction of a new water treatment facility with a rated design capacity of approximately 6.4 MGD consisting of a two story structure, the basement level containing cast-in-place concrete tankage for mud well and clear well storage, and the upper level containing a manganese filtration system and associated process piping chemical storage and feed systems, architectural finishes, electrical distribution, instrumentation and controls, HVAC, standby power, overall site improvements, etc.


Raw water transmission main consisting of 5,400 LF of 12″ HDPE piping to connect each of the well houses to the proposed water filtration building. Construction of a new 2500 LF of 24″ diameter HDPE finished water transmission main, and 400 LF of 2″ PVC sewage force main.